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COVID-19 Technology Solutions

Online & Remote Working Solutions for Business

The way we live and work in Australia and around the world has dramatically changed in a very short space of time. Now more than ever, it is important to fully utilise all the developments in technology to help keep ourselves, our families and communities safe and that as many businesses as possible can keep operating and to continue operating into the future.

With so many different platforms available, it can be tricky and time consuming researching and deciding on what would work best for you, your business and staff. If you’re needing to transition aspects of your business to online, increase your online presence or set up remote working solutions for you and your staff, we can help you sort through the many online platforms and software solutions available. We can either advise on best way to use these systems and platforms or setup the software and then train you and your staff on it. This can be done online by a simple screen share.

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Payment Plans

We are able to offer payment plans for some of our services T&Cs apply.

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Meetings the Convenient Way!

Working with businesses throughout Adelaide and Australia, sometimes meeting in person isn’t convenient. One of the advantages in technology we now have is the ability to offer our meetings with a screen share via Zoom or Skype.

This means if you’re not local to us or don’t have time during the day, all you need is your laptop or computer and we can schedule a video meeting at a time to suit you. To schedule a time please call us on (08) 8387 5559.

Website Design

Having a great fully scalable, custom website that is essential in today’s world. Our websites are designed to run on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Combining technical knowledge and creativity we will have your project completed on time and budget. Whether you have a complete website plan or just a vague concept of how you’d like it to look, we can design a website for your business. 


Digital Marketing

Online marketing is more than just having a nice website. It is a set of strategies including SEO, Google Adwords, Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising that are designed to bring people to your website or social media and convert them to customers or help keep in touch with the customers you already have. Think this might be what you need for your business? Why not call for a chat.

Social Media

Social Media can be a very effective way of getting your business message to a wide range of potential customers but many business owners find this time consuming or just difficult. With many options available to assist with your businesses social media from full management to running your advertising campaigns, why not find out today how we can help get the word out about your business.

I dealt with Brad as I needed some professional assistance in redoing my landing page. I really liked Brad's attention to detail, and his great knowledge of best practise for website design and content. Both Brad and Gaylene provided some excellent insights and recommendations as to best way forward for me as a small business owner. They were honest about where to allocate budget and even helped me save some of my budget upfront on certain things that should rather be implemented at a later stage. Great company!

Natalie Hogan, Fancify

Company Hub have recently developed my new webpage. They have been fantastic throughout the entire process. Brad had great communication, attention to detail and patience as we shared ideas. Many customers and friends have mentioned how good the webpage is. I would recommend their services to anyone needing a new website or requiring assistance with their social media platforms.

Annette Tothill, Annette Tothill Finance

Brad at the Company Hub did an excellent job on an update to my website. He formatted and set it up to a very high standard. It was done very efficiently and quickly. I would highly recommend this Business to anyone needing anything in the online/web/social media field. Great work.

Mark Carn, My Business Growth

Company Hub have recently developed a new website for our organisation. They have been fantastic throughout the entire process. Would recommend their services to anyone needing a new website or requiring assistance with their social media platforms. Great communication and attention to detail! Thanks again Brad and Gaylene for all the support!

Almondco Australia

Company Hub have been an invaluable component in helping us grow our business through social media and online marketing. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for business growth or need help navigating the complex world of online marketing.

Josh Dyson, Skyworld Blinds

Outstanding and personalised service, over and above anything experienced before... Certainly worth anyone's time to catch up with Brad and suss out what CompanyHub has on offer!

Matt Book, WizIT

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Key areas of website design, portals, e-commerce, SEO along with job management systems and innovation technology within the business.

"Combining our design, strategy and geek skills, gives our business a unique advantage to help our clients grow."

Key areas of social media management and training, content, admin, research and online marketing along with business development.

"Technology has become an ever-growing passion for us, and it continues to expand with each new project we undertake."