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Business Technology Solutions

Keeping up with technology is essential in today’s business world. There are so many opportunities to save time and money using the latest platform and systems. So many businesses only use a fraction of their current software capabilities. We’re here to help make choosing what works best for your business easier by advising on the best solutions then setting up technology solutions to help your business perform more efficiently. Just think what you can do with those extra hours!

We can either advise on best way to use these systems and platforms or setup the software and then train you and your staff on it. This can be done in person or by a simple screen share.

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Make life easy for you and your staff by speeding up processes tenfold using software to its full potential. If we can make your staff faster at the boring mundane jobs, just think what else they could achieve for the day!

Online Forms

Fill out online forms quickly from computers or mobile devices then automatically convert them into PDF’s and CSV files. Form features are geo-location, take photos, e-signatures, upload files, scan bar & QR codes, draw images and even add T&C’s.


Take e-signatures instantly through computers or mobile devices. Have each page intialed and dated within seconds. Dont wait days to get your contracts back because your client needs to print, sign, scan and email back!

Excel Documents

Save time by minimising your data entry. Adding auto calculations, automation macros, linking to external sheets, documents or even websites. Let your staff work more efficiently.

Word Documents

Whether you just need a new professional Word template with your branding designed with charts, headers and footers or maybe you need to setup mail merge or linking external spreadsheets, we can quickly and easily create it for you to use.


Keep up with technology and make life quicker and easier for your clients by sending them a fillable PDF which can be submitted online. This makes data entry into a spreadsheet more efficient, looks professional and is conveniently stored online as well.

Powerpoint Presentations

Look professional with a presentation that stands out to your audience. Keeping consistent branding and using animations and transitions keeps you looking good in front of a crowd when you’re representing your business.

Apps, Systems & Platforms

New software systems available now can make business a breeze but there are so many to choose from. How do you know which one is right for your business? We find out your requirements and then offer the best match for your business from industry leaders.

Job Management Apps

Company Hub holds a specialist Dealer Partner Accreditation for Formitize. Formitize is a global leader in mobile business solutions being utilised by Government Agencies and many of the world’s leading corporations right through to thousands of small to medium businesses across more than two hundred industries.

Collaboration Platforms

Communicate effectively and efficiently with our range of collaboration platforms we offer. Perfect for team environment so everyone focus on their specific task and still have a full overview of projects and tasks on the go. These platforms offer desktop, mobile and App versions for ease of use.


We can setup and train you on a customer relationship management system so you can track every aspect of incoming leads.

Project Management Systems

Using cloud based project management software everyone is kept on task and it allows for full tracking and collaboration.

Web Solutions

When you are trying to make your business life easier and more productive, we can offer a range of platforms to get the best results. We offer great ways to communicate information to and from customers with minimal time and effort.

Online Forms

Perfect for surveys, feedback, bookings, registrations, applications etc. Our online form platform can not only accept data but automatically convert into spreadsheets or PDF’s and send to it directly to you as well as storing it safely in the cloud.

Appointment Booking Platforms

When you would like to offer an online site to take appointments, we can offer different options to fit your specific needs. With options such as syncing with your calendars, payment on bookings and showing availability to clients, best of all these are mobile friendly.

Online Payment Platforms

Need a way to get instant payments for products and services? We can advise on and set up the right platform that best suits your business.

File Transfer

Need to efficiently transfer files to and from clients? Our platforms offer secure transfer with passwords and expiry dates plus more.

Web Portals

Need a web portal to communicate with your clients or staff? We can offer different platforms based on your specific needs. Display user specific documents, videos and newsfeed as well as sending alerts when any relevant document is added.

Quotes & Proposal

Set your business apart when offering a proposal. Don’t just give them a bunch of boring text to read! Use mobile friendly graphics and information along with a way to sign on the spot with an e-signature. That’s how you convert a sale!


Do you or your staff spend hours a week transferring or replicating data from one platform to another? With recent developments in technology, this can be all automated. Think what you can do with all that spare time!

Data Transfer

Transfer data from one platform to another, web or computer automatically. Reduce all that data entry time. Our platforms integrate almost every leading platform to another. 

Database Management

Automate transferring your database through to all your platforms so you can communicate with your clients on all your systems with ease.

Sales Funnel

Automate a sales funnel of emails to any lead you receive to help inform your potential client about your serves/products and create a conversion. All you do is enter their details into the platform and the system does the rest for you!

Facebook Pixel

Automatically run Ads through Facebook to anyone arriving on your website. This helps keep your business in the forefront of their mind until they are ready to buy.

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Key areas of website design, portals, e-commerce, SEO along with job management systems and innovation technology within the business.

"Combining our design, strategy and geek skills, gives our business a unique advantage to help our clients grow."

Key areas of social media management and training, content, admin, research and online marketing along with business development.

"Technology has become an ever-growing passion for us, and it continues to expand with each new project we undertake."