Domain names servers are the internet’s equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a list of domain names and convert them into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This is important as we humans find it easy to remember domain names while the computers accessing the information work with IP addresses.

Domain names are an important part of your business and branding. Having a or lets your browsers know you are a registered Australian business as an ABN is required to purchase them. Not only does this make your customers happier and feel more secure but Google also gives preference to these domains over the more generic ones like .com and .net when trying to rank on Australian listings.

Only one person can own a domain name so it’s essential you register the relevant names before someone else does to lock it in. As an agent for Australia’s largest reseller of domains and hosting, Company Hub can purchase domain names on your behalf without the hassle. We have access to over 200 Domain Name Extensions including the Australian domains. To find out more about how having the right domain name could benefit your business, please contact us on 8387 5559.