Since the beginning of 2018, Facebook have disabled 583 million fake Facebook accounts which accounts for nearly a quarter of their user base. In its efforts to clean up and combat fake news and privacy scandals, some small business owners may inadvertently get caught up in the crack down.

How I hear you ask? Many business owners who have not only themselves but staff helping on their business pages, set up a ‘fake’ profile which is accessible by staff and is the admin account of the business page. Doing this gives staff access to write posts and respond to queries but without giving up full control of the page. With Facebook now deleting accounts that they think are spam, this means that potentially business owners could lose access to their own business page.

Our Facebook expert Gaylene always recommends having a minimum of 2 Admins on a business Facebook page, one being yourself and someone else that you trust. If you are needing staff to help manage the page, you can give them access but consider making them an Editor or Moderator.

If you’d like some help or require some Facebook training to help your business, you can contact Gaylene on 8387 5559.