More businesses than ever are utilising social media to not only grow their business but improve their online presence. Did you know that a business Facebook account will show in a google search? Very important if your business doesn’t already have a website. A business social media account can have all the relevant information a potential customer needs to find you, like location, phone, email and website.

The Facebook messaging option is very popular with many people as it provides a simple way for contact to happen with minimal effort on the customers part. Automatic responses can be tailored to suit your business which goes a long way to helping with customer satisfaction before you’ve even spoken to them.

Facebook and Instagram advertising can be very cost effective and help your business reach a larger market. It is a very easy process to advertise on Instagram as well via your Adverts Manager in Facebook. With well-crafted and targeted ads, you can reach a new audience but help cement brand recognition in the process. Adding in calls to action for your customers is also very easy and with most people on social media using mobile phones, with one click your customer can be calling or messaging your business.

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