Is Your Online Presence Ready For Christmas? 4 Ways To Help.

We are quickly getting to the pointy end of 2019 and hasn’t it gone fast. Even though Spring has just begun, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your digital strategy and ways of improving your online presence ready to take advantage of Xmas trading.

1- Opening Hours & Contact Details
These are generally known reasonably well before they’re needed and it’s always a good idea to get these to your web designer and social media people early. Promotion of holiday trading hours can start early on social media and it never hurts to let your customers know if you will be having extended hours to make their lives easier. For retailers, most of their website traffic during this period will be to find out opening hours and contact details so it’s vital to have these front and centre so customers can easily find them.

2- Website Changes
If you have any changes that need doing to your site it’s good to get them out of the way early before everyone gets really busy. These can include new images, new pages, updating information or even upgrading your entire site. This way, when your site traffic volumes increase, your customers will have up to date information and images.

3- Marketing Campaigns
Now is a good time to start getting organised with planning your digital Xmas marketing. Will you be running any social media advertising campaigns or competitions? Do you need to have all your Xmas catalogues published on your website? Do you need a seasonal newsletter scheduled? These can all be great ways of reaching out to customers to let them know what’s available and if anything special is happening.

4- Christmas Website/Social Media
Think about spreading Xmas cheer to your customers digitally. Easy ways of doing this are updating your website header image to something ‘Christmasy’ and do the same with your social media cover photos. Adding in a banner or graphic with a Xmas image and text with your holiday trading hours can work well too. A nice touch is to have a thank you message to your customers for their support during the year as it helps your customers to feel special.

Most of these ideas can be effective and easy to implement. If you have any questions about how this can work for your business, please contact Brad or Gaylene.