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Buying and/or selling a property is an exciting time but it can also be complicated with all the legal complexities required. Nicole and her team of conveyancers are professional and experienced at what they do and they have many years of providing their clients with a hassle free and seamless experience. Nicole and her team also offer a mobile and out of hours service where required in order to provide flexibility for their clients.

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Divisions & Transfers

Individual circumstances can change over time and you may require the services of a Registered Conveyancer to update or transfer names on your properties title or you may be looking to subdivide your property. Our team will liaise with your surveyor and your bank in order to lodge all the relevant documentation with the Land Title Office.
If you live in the Kangarilla and surrounding area and would like some advice from a conveyancer give us a call.

Conveyancer – Selling Property

If you are selling a property, the earlier you can select and talk to a Conveyancer, the better! A registered Conveyancer can help with all you need to successfully process the transaction and to ensure you understand all the forms and requirements required to make the sale binding and compliant.
If you would like to chat to a conveyancer in the Kangarilla area. Call to organise a meeting.
Conveyancer Kangarilla - Selling Property
Conveyancer Kangarilla - Buying Property

Conveyancer – Buying Property

Buying a property should be a fun and enjoyable experience but there is a process that has to be adhered to in order to make sure you meet all your legal obligations. As Registered Conveyancers, Nicole and her team will complete all investigations required to make sure that nothing will impact your right to enjoy your new property.
Give us a call for your conveyancer needs in the Kangarilla and surrounding area.
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Nicole and her Conveyancer team are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the service they provide. They offer obligation free pre-purchase advice and a mobile and out of hours service to assts their clients.

Free pre-purchase advice

Obligation FREE pre-purchase advice

We offer Free pre-purchase advice for all our clients to help them better understand the whole process and what is required.