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Company Hub was launched after seeing a need for not just another web designer, but someone to guide your business’s entire online presence. This means that once your business has its new website we can plan an entire marketing strategy and ways to interact with your customers to make the most of it. We specialise in website design, social media, digital media and online marketing.

Our business model is about building strong relationships with clients. We use innovative websites and management systems that will grow with your business, from now and into the future. Our excellent customer service and flexible trading hours makes us available at a time that suits you. We are just a phone call or email away.

Brad Clark

Brad Clark

Business Manager

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Brad handles the areas of website design, portals, e-commerce POS systems and SEO within the business along with business development and innovation. He has worked in the retail and food industry in management role for 20 years. After a transformation of his job role with a focus on the IT/Admin side of the business, he discovered an interest in web building and design, and could see the value that his background and skill set could bring to this sector. This inspired the formation of Company Hub.

Gaylene Clark

Gaylene Clark


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Gaylene handles the areas of social media management and training, content, admin, research and online marketing within the business along with business development. She has worked in the food & wine industry for 16 years. Having a true passion for social media and developing her skills constantly keeps her work fresh.

Our Specialist Team

Mission Statement

So our In-House team can stay focused on what we do best (Web Solutions), we work with specialists in other fields to offer a complete solution. Our team members have been vetted by us and consistently go above and beyond for our clients. This allows us to deliver a total package for your business with a large range of specialists in their fields to help grow your business.

We aim to be one of Adelaide's leading Web & Digital businesses. By constant research and development, we will stay at the leading edge in platforms and strategies. Showing professionalism, honesty, integrity, clear communication and utilising a very innovative and creative streak in every aspect of our work, our clients will enjoy working with us.

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Monday 8:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday 8:00am - 7:00pm

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Office: (08) 8387 5559

Brad: 0477 779 978

Gaylene: 0417 555 053

Hallett Cove, Adelaide SA

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