One question we get asked quite regularly is why do I need a responsive website for my business? In this article Brad will go over a few of the main reasons why your business website should be responsive.

For many years now tablet and mobile internet use has been on a par and now overtaken desktop internet use. Having a responsive website means that each person – potential customer who visits your site will have the best possible experience as your site will adapt and change to suit the device being used. Remember the days when you had to view smaller versions of websites on your phone or tablet and horizontally move everything around? It wasn’t great was it!

Another good reason to have a responsive website is to help with Google rankings. Since 2015 google has been taking into account mobile friendliness of sites as part of their algorithms for ranking sites. Who doesn’t want their business site found easier on Google?

Responsive design can also help improve your customer’s first impressions of your business when they arrive on your website. Chances are they’ll be using a mobile device to search and if your information is easily read and navigation is simple then that will contribute to a positive experience of your business and brand.

A responsive website should include readable text without having to zoom, large enough spaces to ‘tap’ on links etc and no horizontal scrolling. Your website should shape and adjust itself to look fantastic whether it’s being viewed on a desktop, laptop, table or phone. Thanks to Brad for those great tips, if you need some help with your business website we are always happy to recommend you get in touch with him on 8387 5559.