SSL Certificates are a great way to make your customers feel secure when on your website. They are typically used for securing credit card transactions, data transfer and logins and more recently, they’re becoming the norm for secure browsing while on social media sites. Google is now ranking secured sites higher and more importantly, some sites are even showing on searches as ‘unsecure’, not great if it’s on your business site.

How do I know the site I’m on is secure? Look at the address of the site you are on and if next to it is displayed a green padlock with https then you are on a secured site and that all the information between the website and the computer is encrypted, just like you see on E-Commerce and banking sites.

You’re probably wondering why your business needs an SSL Certificate on your website, we’re not running e-commerce. Even having an online form where clients are uploading their details such as name and email address means you need the extra protection. Having the https and green padlock on your web address shows your customers that you care about their security and will be more likely to trust your site.

We offer our valued clients a range of SSL Certificates and they can easily be installed on our sites. To find out more about how this could work for your website, please give us a call on 8387 5559.