Two great reasons why you should be thinking about updating your website regularly and it’s not for the obvious reasons. If you immediately thought of phone number and address well, you’d be right but these are fairly straight forward reasons that most business owners would think of. We’re going to bring up some changes that you might not have thought of.

Number one. When was the last time you sat down and had a good read through all the text on your website? Is all the content still relevant to your business today? Has your direction or focus changed? Search engines love fresh content and small, regular changes are a great way of easily making changes which also help extend the life of your website. If you’re struggling with ideas, it could be as simple as updating your testimonials or FAQ’s. You might also think about asking for a critique from someone who’s opinion you trust for their take on the user experience for your site.

Number two. Do your images or website layout need a refresh? Do your current images actually reflect your business Even if you’re not good with words you can update your website images or layout and give your site a whole new look and feel. As with content updating, this helps with search engine results and greatly extends the lifespan of your site.

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